June 8, 2019

How to format a resume

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The most important at the top. Mandatory without syntax and spelling errors. Avoid white spots in the biography. Places of study, work, completed projects and employers are usually listed in reverse chronological order.

If you send a resume by e-mail, then make sure that the employer spends a minimum of time analyzing your letter and easily finds it when you re-search. To do this, in the subject line write the name of the desired job, and 3-4 words to attract attention: “Assistant manager. I want to work for you. And if you attach your resume as an attached file, then, for the convenience of the manager, name the file for your resume so that it contains your last name and the name of the vacancy you are applying for. For example: “Ivanova_Assistant_Administrator.doc”. Important: Do not use Cyrillic and spaces in the file name, but only Latin letters and numbers. This will ensure that your resume file will have the correct name for any operating system.

The resume itself should be designed in such a way that it does not dissipate attentionwhen reading it! It is necessary to combine neat intervals, even fields and not to neglect paragraphs. If you submit your resume in paper form, it is better to print it on a laser printer so your text will look more presentable. If the vacancy involves the manifestation of creativity you can add 1-2 color elements and print on a color printer, so you just attract attention. But do not overdo it, it will work only if the “color” will be quite a bit, because otherwise it may look awkward. And you are not familiar with the potential employer yet, therefore keep dry and officially.

Since this is very important, we recall once again: you need to write a resume directly for a specific vacancy, “adapting” a resume for it! The content must fully comply with the direction of the work for which you are applying. If you can hold different vacancies, send different resumes, one for each job. Do not fire idly, take aim fire! But in no case lie to your resume! Under no circumstances, you should never deceive the employer and seek work for which you are not suitable! Your main asset is your reputation and honesty. Small world, and reviews about you will haunt you everywhere. Therefore, in order not to work out “in a bad way”, eliminate the risks and fight only for the work on which you can do it right.

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