June 21, 2019

What is a cv resume

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With reference to job search, a resume is a description of a person’s abilities that make him competitive in the labor market. It should reflect the three basic qualities required from the employee: education, productivity, and unlimited abilities. In some cases, you can find the abbreviation CV (Latin. Curriculum Vitae), literally means “biography” or “the course of life” and is a summary of the workers of creative professions; it presents the results of work, while places of work are not specified. Resume style is more often aimed at obtaining a specific job While CV contains more detailed and structured information about a person’s career path. In the context of our time, the document designated CV or “resume” (French. Resume a brief summary of the main content), not so much describes the professional life of the applicant, as it serves as the basis for an invitation to an interview. Resume carries a lot of positive, both for the job seeker and for the employer. For an applicant, this is an ideal way to present oneself in the most favorable light, and for an employer a peculiar method of screening out unsuitable candidates.

The purpose of the resume is to draw attention to yourself when making the first meeting, to make a favorable impression and to induce the employer to invite you to a personal meeting. Hence the main principle of writing a resume is to emphasize all the positive aspects and make as unnoticeable as possible what your strength is not. A summary that the employer has reviewed before the interview allows you to quickly find out the main thing about the candidate, to formulate additional questions and not write down necessary data about the candidate, which reduces the time and increases the effectiveness of the interview. Most often, personnel issues are supervised by HR managers, secretaries, office managers, sales department heads, and even chief accountants. Specialists in recruitment use the subjective method of selection of resumes, as well as the method of selection on a number of formal grounds (experience and skills, professional qualities, education, gender, age, etc.). In the first case, the subjective perception of the manager is of great importance, in the second a professionally written resume, emphasizing the merits and skillfully leveling the applicant’s shortcomings.

Based on the summary, the first and rather stable opinion about the person is formed, which, however, is subjective and depends on the stereotypes of people’s perception. If the invitation to the interview could not be obtained, then the resume for some reason did not attract the attention of the employer. The only chance to succeed with a resume is the moment when it is read for the first time. As a rule, it takes no more than 2-3 minutes to view a resume. That is why in its preparation uses the standard form. According to the majority of employers, it is very important that the information in the resume is as complete and at the same time brief as possible, and most importantly, that the applicant can confirm all the data during the interview.

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